If you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled for the perfect dog walking gear that will simplify your life, you’re in luck! We’ve completed a product comparison analysis of dog walking bags just for you. We are confident you will find the right one that meets your needs for packing capacity, organization and easy access to what you or your pet need. Check out the following dog walking bags, then let us know your pick.

1. Walk-Me Bag by DoLife Pet

The Walk-Me Bag by DoLife is the newest top-of-the-line designer pet gear bag that is a total game-changer. We’re introducing it first because it sets a high standard for you to keep in mind while scrolling through the forthcoming product break down. Though similar products exist, we’re confident this one in particular is a fierce competitor. It stands out as a preferred choice for its versatility, functionality, and hands-free convenience that completely revolutionizes the dog-walking and dog park experience. Not to mention, it offers a touch of fashion. We’re finding that most individuals have determined it as the top choice – time to decide for yourself!

Features of the Walk-Me Bag:

  • Six color options
  • D-Rings
  • Complimentary Tidy-Go (the poop bag holding solution that is sanitary and enhances the hands-free experience)
  • Versatile strap that allows you to wear it toward the back of your body, on your hip, draped from your shoulder, or in the front of your body.
  • Master pocket that includes includes a sleeve for added departmentalization. The pocket itself is great for a water bowl and supplies like an extra leash or collar, while the sleeve is perfect for sliding a tablet, frisbee, or microchip scanner into.
  • Large pocket that is  ideal for miscellaneous items that might have some bulk to them, like a water bottle for Fido and a Gatorade and snack for you. Other ideal items include hand sanitizer, a flashlight, etc.
  • Slide-n-Secure Pocket that is perfect for quick stowing. Picture this: You just snapped a gem photo of Fido but you no longer want the phone in your hand. Simply slide it in and button up!
  • Front Zipper Pocket that is perfect for treats and unused poop bags
  • Personal pocket that is tucked nicely toward the back of the bag. This pocket is an excellent spot to place your wallet or identification.
  • Accommodates all body types – strap adjusts to 63” / 160cm.
  • Priced at $35.00 USD / $45.00 CAD

Shortcomings of the Walk-Me Bag:

  • Only 6 color options
  • The only other con is that your dog can’t wear one, too! Although we suppose he technically could.

2. Double Doodie Bag by Fetch

The Double Doodie Bag by Fetch is petite in comparison to the Walk-Me Bag. Although it’s nice and lightweight, some folks might discover that convenience and ease of content access are inhibited.

Features of the Double Doodie Bag by Fetch:

  • Attaches to any leash
  • Brightly colored fabric
  • One main pocket
  • Two mesh side-pockets
  • Zipped front mesh pocket
  • Internally lined with fresh-scented sheets
  • Priced at $15.00

Shortcomings of the Double Doodie Bag:

  • One color
  • The weight of the bag’s contents could weigh the leash down, creating a tripping hazard for you and your pet
  • The main pocket doesn’t have any separation, causing you to still fumble for your phone since you can’t pinpoint its exact location in the bag
  • The intended use of the zipped front mesh pocket is to carry used poop bags. Squish!
  • The internal scented lining could deter your dog from eating any treats you may carry in it
  • Not hands-free

3. Dog Handler Bag by Mud River

Contrary to the last bag, this bag is quite spacious and nicely compartmentalized. However, along with the space comes bulk, weight, and jumbled internal contents.

Features of the Dog Handler Bag by Mud River:

  • Multiple external storage pockets
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • “Doctor’s” bag zipper
  • Front magnetic pocket closures
  • Priced at $60.00

Shortcomings of the Dog Handler Bag:

  • One color
  • Heavy duty
  • Items in the main pocket might get tossed around due to lack of internal compartmentalization
  • Hinders swift movement
  • Not hands-free

4. On The Go Bag by Jasper Swag:

The On The Go Bag is seemingly spacious and versatile, but you should take into consideration the amount, type, and size of necessary items for outings with your pup. Traditional square dimensioning isn’t always ideal.

Features of the On The Go Bag by Jasper Swag:

  • Back poop bag dispenser
  • Side mesh pocket
  • Side water bottle holder
  • Front zipper
  • One main pocket
  • One internal zipper compartment
  • Fold-over magnetic clasp
  • Priced at $44.USD / $59.49 CAD

Shortcomings of the On The Go Bag:

  • One color
  • Insufficient space in main pocket (see photo)
  • Added cost for padded shoulder strap
  • Front zipper pocket is tall, but can only hold slender items
  • Minimal compartmentalization
  • Not hands-free

5. Stash Bag by RuffWear

The Stash Bag is compact and dainty with a nice play on color, however, it’s unlikely that the full list of important items to have during outings will be able to fit.

Overview/features of the Stash Bag by RuffWear:

  • Dog poop pick-up bag dispenser
  • 15 earth rated pick up bags included
  • Interior stretch mesh
  • Exterior stretch mesh
  • Hand-held or waist-worn
  • Internal key hook
  • Priced at $24.95

Shortcomings of the Stash Bag:

  • Non-spacious
  • Limited to 3 color options
  • If worn on waste, contents in front mesh could spill out
  • Minimal compartmentalization

6. Leather Sash Bag by Sash (designer)

The Leather Sash Bag is perhaps the most fashionable option of the bunch. It’s lightweight and easy to match with any attire, but at first glance, it lacks space and is only ideal for completely dry weather due to the leather material.

Features of the Leather Sash Bag:

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Adjustable strap
  • Various color options
  • Crossbody fit that sits just below waist
  • Silver hardware
  • RFID protected pockets
  • Priced at $169.00 USD

Shortcomings of the Leather Sash Bag:

  • The leather cannot get wet – therefor not weather resistant
  • Loose fit could make items fall out
  • Minimal space
  • Nowhere to clip a D-Ring or Tidy-Go for poop transpo
  • No zipper or method of closing the pockets

7. Hunter’s Tote Bag by L.L. Bean (designer)

The Hunter’s Tote Bag screams durable, but it also seems unmanageable. The size itself could inhibit comfortable and quick movement. You never know when your pup might see a squirrel or other source of excitement, so you always will want to have full range of motion to quickly gain control of your pal in the event of a disturbance.

Features of the Hunter’s Tote Bag:

  • Spacious interior
  • One large outer pocket
  • Adjustable carry shoulder strap made from rugged nylon webbing
  • Handheld handles
  • Durable zipper
  • Nature-toned color
  • Priced at $45.00

Shortcomings of the Hunter’s Tote Bag:

  • One color
  • No internal compartmentalization
  • Thick, heavy material
  • Items in the main pocket likely to get tossed around
  • Long zipper inhibits ease-of-access to contents
  • Not hands-free

Now that you’ve been introduced to these products, we ask that you simply scroll back to the top of the page to take another look at the Walk-Me Bag by DoLife. How do you think the Walk-Me Bag stands up to these competitors? What features does the Walk-Me Bag have that others are lacking? If you’ve come to the conclusion that the Walk-Me Bag truly is the top choice pet gear bag, well, we couldn’t agree more! You deserve to experience the revolutionary hands-free feature that’ll completely transform your dog-walking and dog park experience. There’s only one thing left to do: purchase yours today and prepare for nothing but many hands-free, peaceful outings to come. While you’re at it, decide whether you’d like a white or black Tidy-Go pet poop transporter, free as our gift to you with your Walk-Me Bag purchase.

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