what to bring to the dog park

Imagine becoming a new dog parent and feeling ecstatic (and maybe a bit uneasy) to hit the city for a stroll with your new best friend. Oh, you are a pup parent? You are ecstatic yet apprehensive to make public appearances with your buddy? We have some exciting news for you and Fido that will make your future endeavors a breeze. First, you’ll want to review the following checklist of items to bring along. Then, prepare to be blown away by the most innovative pet gear on the market.

Collar ✓

Collars serve a few objectives: functionality, safety, and identification. It is your prime means of maintaining control of your sidekick by always having something to grip or clip onto, and further, it allows your dog to be easily identified. Make sure your dog’s tags are updated to display accurate information. Further, if your pooch has any health issues, go ahead and note them on the tag as well. Lastly, consider utilizing a colorful or unique collar that will help your hound stand out from the rest of the pack.

Leash ✓

Although some parks, trails, etc. allow off-leash roaming, it’s still always a good idea to have a leash handy. You never know when a situation will arise in which you’ll need to quickly regain full control of your pet. In similar fashion to the collar, try opting for a bright colored leash.

Poop bag (sorry – it’s a fact of life) ✓

Don’t be the person to leave piles on the ground once Fido finishes his business. Not only is this inconsiderate, but in many states you can actually be fined, just as you can be fined for littering. Sure, poop scooping is inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as a fine that could’ve been prevented.

Water ✓

One of the characteristics of most living organisms is the necessary consumption of H20, aka, good ol’ water. Water helps keep your pet’s organs functioning efficiently and enhances overall health. Most importantly, water prevents your pup from becoming dehydrated, which naturally occurs with exercise. You should never assume there will be a drinking fountain or other source of safe drinking water available. So whether the weather is frigid, mild, or steamy, always be sure to bring water along for your pet and yourself.

Water bowl ✓

What’s the point in bringing water along if you don’t also have a slurping container? It’s imperative that you’re equipped with some type of drinking receptacle, like a collapsible water bowl, for Fido’s use during outings. While you’re at it – make sure to bring a water bottle for yourself as well.

Treats ✓

Treats are often used to reward pets for good behavior, which is a good practice even when you’re outside of your home. Rewarding positive behavior helps make those good habits stick for the long haul. Treats are also great motivators, so if you need Fido to cooperate, a treat will likely help make that happen. Additionally, treats can also help you distract your pet from engaging in unfavorable behaviors around other animals.

Human snacks ✓

The last thing your furball needs is for you to get sick, pass out, or something worse. Just like your companion, your own nourishment is important too. If/when you find yourself getting woozy at the dog park, take a moment to get some food in you. That way, you won’t have to cut any play-dates short!

Hand sanitizer✓

Hand sanitizer is necessary for just that – sanitizing your hands. Over the course of an outing with your pup, you will likely touch a slimy ball, pick up a pile of dung, pet a stinky dog, etc. Help keep yourself protected from unknown bacteria by either washing your hands or using sanitizer at the end of each play session. This will help keep you healthy, thus allowing you to be a top-notch parent to your precious little friend. As an added bonus, hand sanitizer will take care of the inevitable occasional stinkiness that comes along with being a pet lover.

Microchip scanner✓

Many of us have found ourselves in the position of “temporary guardian” of a stray animal. This is a very difficult situation to be in, especially when you have a hound of your own to think about. One thing is for sure: most dogs are drawn to other dogs. In the event that another dog approaches you and you’re unable to find the owner, carrying a microchip scanner would be a good way to quickly identify and contact the pet’s owners. Of course not all pet owners have microchipped their pets, but it’s becoming more and more common. Simply put, a scanner could help save a dog’s life (as they know it).


A flashlight is ideal for helping you keep an eye on your special friend after nightfall, which simultaneously provides added safety. You might be thinking, “Well I only walk my dog during the daytime, so there’s no need for a flashlight”. This isn’t invalid, but we encourage you to think differently about it. For example, what if you or another dog owner lost an item in a sewer, underneath a car, or in a shaded area that doesn’t get as much light? In situations like this, a flashlight might just help save the day.

Frisbee/tennis ball ✓

Frisbees and tennis balls are great tools to promote exercise. They provide some fun for your furball while simultaneously fostering a healthy lifestyle by keeping bones, joints, and muscles active. Additionally, they’re great for gaining your dog’s attention in high-tension situations. If there’s a scuffle at a dog park and you notice Fido heading to the action, you can quickly distract him and divert him from the scuffle. However, please be cognizant of the fact that these items can cause issues when it comes to territorialism. If you are skeptical that your dog has territory issues with the frisbee or ball, you might consider leaving them for solo play sessions.

Keys ✓

Forgetting your keys (whether to your car or to your home) can actually turn into a dangerous situation for you and your hound. During uncooperative weather, you’ll want to be able to take shelter from the elements quickly. Don’t risk your lives by failing to bring your keys along to the outing.

Phone/tablet ✓

Phones and other devices are commonly used for capturing memories. Like human parents, doggo parents likewise enjoy documenting the various phases and highpoints of their buddy’s lives. Moreover, phones are extremely useful in emergency situations. If during your outing with Fido you become alarmed about your dog’s health, or witness a concerning scenario outside of your control, or anything between, you have a device at your fingertips that might help remedy questionable occurrences.  

No toys

As mentioned with frisbees and tennis balls, toys of all kinds can be catalysts for dogs becoming hyper, territorial, and sometimes even aggressive. In order to avoid unwarranted scuffles during outings, it will probably be best to just leave the toys at home.

These items are all essential for various reasons (except for the toys, of course). So, say you have all of these items compiled on the counter and you’re ready to walk out the door for an adventure as Fido’s tail (or nub) wiggles away, but it dawns on you that you only have two hands and four furry paws. Quick, grab the backpack! But wait…a backpack isn’t conducive to you and your pooch’s needs right now.

What you really need is a DoLife Walk-Me Bag, the brand new hands-free, innovative, and lightweight bag that will enrich your companionship. Even your special friend will notice a difference in outings, because after all, dogs are great at sensing their parents’ stress – which you won’t have!

compartments of the DoLife Walk-Me bag

The following features of the Walk-Me Bag are unlike any other gear you’ve used prior. Fido will definitely want you to take advantage of this worthy investment.  

  • Versatile Strap

The strap is the the epitome of ergonomic. With it, you can place the bag toward the back of your body, on your hip, draped from your shoulder, or in the front of your body. No matter your comfort levels and no matter how guarded you are, we guarantee the bag will fit your lifestyle.

  • Master Pocket

The master pocket isn’t only spacious; it includes a sleeve for added, sleek departmentalization. The pocket itself would be great for a water bowl and other supplies like an extra leash or collar, while the sleeve is perfect for sliding a tablet, frisbee, or microchip scanner into.

  • Large Pocket

The large pocket is ideal for miscellaneous items that might have some bulk to them, like a water bottle for Fido and a Gatorade and snack for you, for example. You could even put a coffee thermos here since the vertical stature of the bag will keep it upright. Other ideal items for this pocket might include hand sanitizer, a flashlight, etc.

  • Slide-n-Secure Pocket

The slide-n-secure pocket is quite handy. Picture this: You just snapped a gem photo of Fido but you no longer want the phone in your hand. Simply slide it in and button up! Keys might also be a good item to keep in the slide-n-secure pocket. You never know when your playmate is going to get tuckered out (especially on a hot or frigid day), so you’ll want to be able to grab your keys and get shielded from the elements quickly.

  • Front Zipper Pocket

The front zipper is wonderful for…that’s right! Treats and unused poop bags. Everyone at the park is looking your way because of the impressive trick they just saw your buddy complete, so naturally you need to reward him with a treat, and quick (before he forgets why he’s a good boy)! Ope…now the treats got the bowels working. Good thing the bags are handy and easy to grab as well.

  • Personal Pocket

The personal pocket is tucked nicely toward the back of the bag, meaning it sits very close to your body. This pocket is an excellent spot to place your wallet or identification since they’ll be protected and out of sight.

  • Tidy-Go

The Tidy-go is an add-on accessory that totally changes the poop game. How many times have you picked up a fresh pile with no garbage can in site? If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it surely will. Using the tidy-go, just hang the soiled bag on the hook for yuck-free poop transportation. And don’t worry, you’ll find a garbage can soon enough!Are you guys ready to invest in this life-changing product? We thought so! It’s time to head to the DoLife Store and make one of the most valuable purchases of your life. While you’re at it, do you have any tips? Did we forget any essential ‘adventure to the dog park’ items? Want to share a story about you and your best friend? Let us know! We’re eager to hear all about your first excursion with Fido!

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